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I've built a nice portfolio, but how can I make it last for my family?

Asset Management

Wealth Enhancement

We offer a prudent wealth management approach to managing your financial portfolio. We tailor your investment portfolio’s level of risk and its expected returns to reflect your personal preferences, goals and circumstances.

Portfolio Management

Our financial advisors utilize a variety of methods to manage the assets in your investment portfolio. The assets may be managed by institutional managers unrelated to Cutter & Company, or by the financial advisor themselves. The portfolio may be built using stocks, exchange traded funds, bonds, mutual funds, etc., based on your personal goals and risk tolerance.

Advisory Programs may be subject to a minimum investment amount, typically beginning at $25,000. Depending on the program you choose, the minimum investment amount may be higher. (In some instances, minimums may be waived.)

Wealth Protection

Your financial goals can span a lifetime, or even generations, so it’s important to prepare for uncertain events that could derail your strategy. We identify potential threats to your success, which may include the effects of taxes, inflation and market fluctuations.