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I want to stay current on my professional education, but don't want to waste time on courses that don't apply to my practice.

Continuing Education

Cutter & Company has a firm-specific “firm element” training program to keep our financial advisors current in changing times. We focus our educational topics on areas our advisors tell us they would like to learn more about or be more proficient in. In other words, our program is, in part, created based on what our financial advisors tell us they need.

Additionally, we manage the process around the “regulatory element” component of the securities industry continuing education program. This aspect of the program requires you to attend a proctored session at a facility near you. An inadvertent lapse in this area could derail you from operating as a financial advisor until the educational session has been completed. Our staff will follow your progress and the time allotted for you to complete the program to help you avoid an oversight that might cost you the ability to earn a living until you were to complete the program.