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I need to know that the investments that work best for my clients will be available.

Investment Products

Cutter & Company recognizes that each of your clients has different needs. Our firm is dedicated to making available a wide variety of products and services so that our advisors have the option to provide the broadest array of choices for the benefit of their clients.

Investment Products
Preferred Stocks Stocks Certificates of Deposit
Mutual Funds Options Alternative Investments
Money Market Unit Investment Trusts Hedge Funds
FDIC Insured Funds Real Estate Investment Trusts Corporate, Government
  Exchange Traded Funds Municipal Bonds
  Closed-end Funds 529 Plans
Investment Account Features
  • Free Checkwriting
  • Margin Accounts
  • Collateral Accounts
  • Secure Prime Line (line of credit)
  • Delivery Versus Payment
  • Transfer on Death Accounts
  • Online Account Access (24/7 internet access to your account)
  • On Line Bill Pay
  • ATM Debit Card