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Digital Assets – Will Access Die When You Do

Nathan Tice


Digital Assets – Access and Disclosure Our increasingly digital world presents all kinds of wonderful benefits, along with all kinds of additional complexity. I would guess most people today engage in using social media, online banking, and/or digital brokerage accounts. However, they may not be aware they are also creating “digital assets” along the way…. Read the full article

Financial Advisors and Digital Communication

Nathan Tice


The proliferation of digital communication has, to say the least, presented new challenges for financial advisors seeking to grow their businesses while staying within the good graces of regulators. It has also presented challenges for those same regulators who must apply mandates from items like the Books and Records Rule to communication vehicles that were… Read the full article

‘Making a Real Difference’ for Independent Advisors, Clients for 30 Years

Nathan Tice


Cutter and Company, a Registered Broker-dealer and Investment Advisor, celebrates 30 years helping independent financial advisors establish and operate their own independent wealth management businesses this year. The firm was founded in October 1988 by CEO Deborah Castiglioni and President William Meyer, who share a deeply held belief that financial advisors who are free from… Read the full article

Veteran Financial Advisors Join Cutter & Company

Nathan Tice


Beck and Gehrs Establish Greenbridge Wealth Advisors as Independent Practice Veteran financial advisors Joseph Beck and Nick Gehrs, managing members of Greenbridge Wealth Advisors, LLC, have joined Cutter & Company. With client assets in excess of $200 million, Beck and Gehrs each have 30 years of experience helping clients with their investments and future plans… Read the full article

Consider This Before Opening Your Own Corporate RIA

Nathan Tice


We are long-standing advocates of financial advisors going into the independent channel. In fact, this year Cutter & Company is celebrating our 30th year as an independent broker-dealer. The more recent trend in the industry is where advisors explore their future as their own Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). As a long-time senior compliance executive for… Read the full article

Help Clients Understand New Flexibility in 529 Plans

Nathan Tice


Tax season is an opportune time for financial advisors to review client financial situations and examine whether new strategies might be in order. The changes affecting the federal tax code that were signed into law in late 2017 under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act make that review even more critical this year. One change… Read the full article