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Breaking the Barriers: Turn Millennials into New Clients

Nathan Tice


Looking for a way to grow your independent financial services practice? Consider focusing at least a portion of your efforts on the group of people born between 1982 and 2004. There is opportunity in Millennials, who according to recent research are NOT investing but want advice ABOUT investing. There are 75.4 million reasons for considering… Read the full article

For Independent Advisors, It Pays to Go Against the ‘Industry Norm’

Nathan Tice


Large wirehouse operations appear to be telling the financial advisors that ‘It’s a sprint, not a marathon’ when they set monthly production hurdles that are tied to higher compensation. And on top of that, the performance bar for achieving higher payout levels seems to be constantly getting raised. The justification for moving the goal posts… Read the full article

Best Practices for Interacting with Clients

Nathan Tice


There may be nothing more important to a financial advisor’s practice than establishing effective communications with clients – both current and future ones. Ironically, the technology age in which we live has not necessarily made that critical task any easier. For example, the act of conveying information to someone is now very easy and quick… Read the full article

Top Shelf Compliance Support from Cutter & Company

Nathan Tice


At Cutter & Company we take the role of compliance seriously. We believe that protecting the firm and your business are essential – but also understand the importance of marketing and advertising. Our compliance staff, with more than 40 years of combined experience, understands your need to express yourself in a personal way. In our… Watch video

Trust: Reasons Financial Advisors Should Consider Cutter & Company

Nathan Tice


Cutter & Company is a firm that specializes in working with experienced financial advisors; providing a support platform for them to do business as they see fit. It is an independent contractor structure where Cutter & Company provides the products and services independent advisors need to best serve their clients. The business model can present… Watch video

What’s Getting Lost in the Race to the Bottom for Passive Investment Fees? A Desire for Advice

Nathan Tice


Cost reductions for various kinds of passive investment vehicles keep making headlines. Take the case of Charles Schwab which recently introduced target-date funds for retirement plans with expenses below .10 percent. An article on Thinkadavisor.com theorized the move could give the firm a competitive advantage until other rivals that have also made inroads with passive… Read the full article

Tax Tip: Review Client Tax Returns

Nathan Tice


The new administration promises to move the concept of tax reform from potential to reality. But even though future tax policy is not locked in now, and with the 2016 tax season upon us, the time is excellent for independent financial advisors to meet with clients and review their individual tax situations. IRS form 1040… Read the full article