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Everything seems to be changing in health insurance. I need help understanding what is best for my business and my employees.

Health & Dental

Group Health Insurance

We take great pride in bringing our business clients the best possible choices for their company health plan. When you have Cutter & Company working for you, we’ll take your company’s census data to the market prior to renewal each year. By the time you’ve received the renewal rates from your current insurance provider, we plan to already be analyzing the comparable market trends and evaluating the options and premiums submitted by other insurance carriers and/or health exchanges (government sponsored health insurance providers). We will send your data to a wide range of highly rated insurance companies and available health exchanges for their bids. We’ll sort through them and prepare a spreadsheet of the top plans that will deliver the most coverage at the best value for your company and employees.

Dental Insurance

Bringing your employees dental coverage can lead to a lot of smiling faces. Cutter & Company will review the plans available in the market and bring the best ones for your business forward. We have the freedom to do a comprehensive analysis of the plans available so that we can find the right plan for you and your employees.